Why Is Gender-Bending Romance Taboo in Hollywood?

They may not be ready for this down at the multiplex,
but I know you'll appreciate it!
We're very proud of these two movies.  Finally, you can enjoy romantic stories of crossdressers--exploring their femininity and finding love in the arms of sexy women.
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For the second film, I realized I should keep track of viewer feedback,
so here are some comments about Satin Dreams:

"Lovely, lyrical film--charming and sweet."


"I loved it!"

"It was by far the best made-for-TG film I've ever seen. Writing was great, acting was pretty good. It was even somewhat believable, which is important to me because that's how stories like that get me going. The CDing actor even looked pretty good, which is, of course, important as well!"   --Mike

"...falling for her."

"Ms. Banks' performance really set the whole thing off. Her ability to talk to Rachel, make it fun and sexy and real was the key to my enjoyment and set this apart from all other films of its type. She has one of those types of looks that you don't necessarily notice at first, but her personality sets her apart, and before you know it you find yourself falling for her."   --Brett

"...enjoy for years to come!"

"I really can't say enough how great your film was! For $20, a 50-minute film of that quality of that subject matter is a jewel. I will enjoy for years to come!  Thank you, thank you!"   --Bethany

"I ablolutely love your film..."

"...Satin Dreams. I really enjoyed the film. I'm hoping for a sequel sometime in the near future. Any chance for that? If not, when will your next feature be released?   --Cam

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One of the clips you'll see was described by one viewer as "one of the best crossdressing movie scenes ever!"  The other three are documentaries on heterosexual couples where the man crossdresses, and they explore the benefits and interesting perspectives of their gender-fluid romance!  

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